Engraving Pens

Engraving Pens -  Personalised Pens

Let us engrave your pen for free!

Besides purchasing pens, you can also have these engraved.

For all pens that we are able to engrave, the engraving of text is free.
With pens that we are not able to engrave, the engraving options in the web shop have been left out.

You also have the possibility to engrave or print a logo on your pen.
The costs of engraving or printing your logo can vary. To this effect, you can request a quotation.

The engraving of pens can be very complex. Every pen is made from different materials and consequently the results can differ. Below you will find several examples of engraved pens.
These are indications, no rights can be derived from this in any way.

If possible, the pens will be engraved 90 degrees away from the clip. For pens where this is not possible, for instance because the pen is already embellished here, we place the engraving in line with the clip.

Left and right handed
It is very important that we are aware whether the recipient of the pen is left or right handed. The engraving will be located on the opposite side on the pen. You will find an example of this below. A fountain pen or ballpoint is designed to slide the cap on the back of the pen while writing. When you order a ballpoint or fountain pen, you will have to slide the cap on the back of the pen to be able to see the ordered writing method (left or right handed).


Number of lines:

On most pens, it is possible to engrave two lines. If this is not possible, you have the option to have one line engraved. If no engraving options are indicated for the pen, unfortunately we are not able to engrave the pen. Engravings with two lines are always centralised neatly below one another.

Font size
The size of the letters differs per pen, engraving and also per font. On average, the size of the letters are approximately 2 mm.

Special characters:
Unfortunately, the engraving of Chinese, Arabic and Greek characters is not possible. We are able to engrave a heart, if desired you can copy the following heart in the engraving line.

During ordering, you can choose different fonts. Times new Roman is free, for all other fonts we charge a small fee. Below, you can find the different fonts:


Pen engravings
We engrave all pens by means of a laser. With pens made of steel, the laser ensures that the surface structure changes. A contract is created underneath which makes the letters visible. Pens where the foundation layer is made of messing (gold/yellow) and the details on the pen are chrome, are coloured with silver or darkened so that the engraving suits the details on the pen nicely.


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